We can add your wedding colour to any of our Invite designs!

          facebook Twitter When viewing our website www.eatonstationery.co.uk and you cant see any invitations in your wedding colours please don't worry! We can add your wedding colours to any design that takes your fancy! Select the design then select your base card...

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You don’t need as many Wedding Invitations as you think!

facebook Twitter One very common mistake when working out wedding invite numbers is thinking its one invite per person! .... wow, no wonder couples get worried when pricing invites up!. Its actually much less you need. Most invites will have two people or even a whole...

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Stationery needed for your wedding day

facebook Twitter When styling your wedding venue its easy to get carried away. There are so many ideas out there on social media that the possibilities, styles and schemes are endless. If we can offer any advice, it is this ’always create something that you like and...

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Kimberley and Gareth’s Wedding

facebook Twitter Kimberley and Gareth were looking for an elegant design for with a pretty edge to it to suit their venue. They chose our Macy design and added a rose pastel belly with a lace on top finished with pale pink ribbon and the results were fabulous. They...

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On The Door Mat

On the door mat, amongst the bills and the junk mail, lays an envelope that signifies an importance. It seems to shine amongst the other pieces of mail printed on their cheap glossy copier paper! As you reach for that uncoated, heavy envelope there is a slight...

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